Directions to the Technological Institute from O'Hare

  1. In leaving the airport, look for an exit to I-294 North (about a mile from where you'll start).
  2. Take 294 north past the first toll booth to the Dempster exit.
  3. Take Dempster east, and quickly get in the left lane.
  4. Make a left onto Potter Rd (key landmark: a Wendy's on the northwest corner).
  5. Take Potter north until it ends at Golf Rd.
  6. Make a right onto Golf and follow east it for 8 miles to McCormick Ave.
  7. McCormick is a 4 lane road which parallels the Sanitation Canal. If you pass over the canal, you've gone too far.
  8. Make a left onto McCormick, and take it north until it ends at Green Bay Road (this will be the first set of traffic lights you encounter).
  9. Make a right onto Green Bay.
  10. You will pass over the canal and immediately come to a traffic light at Noyes St. Make a left onto Noyes.
  11. On Noyes you will pass through a stop sign, two traffic lights, and another stop sign.
  12. Past this last stop sign will be a final traffic light, where Noyes runs into Sheridan Rd.
  13. The Technological Institute is located at the corner of Sheridan and Noyes.

Refer to the map for parking directions and the location of my office.